Maximize Your Philanthropic Goals

With planned giving, you can provide long-lasting support for the organizations and causes of your choice while enjoying financial benefits for yourself.

Our Mission

We serve the citizens of Wabash County by implementing their charitable aspirations, making grants, investing and safeguarding charitable assets, providing information regarding charitable endeavors, and convening citizens and linking resources to address issues confronting our shared lives. The Foundation's mission is best understood through a description of our many roles.

  • The Community Foundation is a developer of resources, aggressively seeking through solicitation of the public and private sector money for special programs, the Community Foundation's operations and for the development of permanent and accessible endowments for charitable purposes dedicated to the betterment of the community.
  • The Community Foundation is a professional manager and steward of charitable funds from individual and family donors, and corporate and private foundations.
  • The Community Foundation is a grantmaker, carrying out the specified charitable goals of its donors as well as assessing community needs and setting priorities for the distribution of its unrestricted funds.
  • The Community Foundation is a community leader, convener and collaborator, initiating public debate and discussions regarding important community matters between diverse parties toward unified problems assessments and resolution for the betterment of the community.
  • The Community Foundation is governed by a board of 17 directors who are chosen for their knowledge and experience in serving the community

A Vision for the Community Foundation of Wabash County

The Community Foundation is committed to providing leadership and service in realizing cherished values for Wabash County; independence self-reliance, enterprise, prosperity, dignity of every individual and equality of opportunity.

  • We believe that supporting individuals in realizing their charitable goals for helping others is a powerful and effective means for affecting positive change in the quality of life in Wabash county
  • We dedicate ourselves to promoting philanthropy, to education and working with individuals, families and groups regarding charitable endeavors to link committed and caring people to information and opportunities in order to achieve progress towards their most cherished goals.
  • We commit ourselves to learning, listening and convening, and we welcome all perspectives at a round table with a single focus on community welfare and quality of life.
  • We possess knowledge and understanding of the mission, work, strengths, and struggles of area non-profits.
  • We are an organization of integrity, well governed, successful, perpetual, effective in grant making, and efficient in administration. We seek always to engender trust, and to be warm-heartedly charitable, professional and helpful.
  • The Community Foundation of Wabash County serves as a leader in philanthropy to realize cherished values for the citizens of Wabash County.

What values are critical to our success

  • We believe in charity – that an individual's personal wealth can be used to achieve his or her goals and to help the community.
  • We believe that service to humanity is the best work of life.
  • We believe that we should strive to have integrity to do the right things at the right time and build trust.
  • We believe in being unbiased and open-minded.
  • We believe in building partnerships with the non-profit sector.